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Tomb Raider Legend Ghana Versteckte Schätze

Tomb Raider Webseite mit sehr detaillierten Walkthroughs zu allen Tomb Raider Spielen. Des weiteren gibt es hier Neuigkeiten, alles über die Comics und. Level IV: Ghana (Jagd auf James Rutland). Ansicht vergrössern! Nun sind wir also James Rutland auf der Spur. Lara Croft steigt von einem Motorrad, das. Multi. Von Andreas Altenheimer | Uhr | Seite 7 von 11 | Kommentieren. TeilenTweetWhatsAppTeilen. Mission 4: Ghana. Tomb Raider: Legend. Tomb Raider: Legend (PlayStation 2) - Versteckte Schätze | Am Wasserfall | Im Inneren des Tempels. Kapitel 4: Ghana – Jagd auf James Rutland Tomb Raider – Legend: Mit flinken Sprüngen hüpft Lara von Plattform zu Plattform. Mit flinken Sprüngen hüpft.

Tomb Raider Legend Ghana

Multi. Von Andreas Altenheimer | Uhr | Seite 7 von 11 | Kommentieren. TeilenTweetWhatsAppTeilen. Mission 4: Ghana. Tomb Raider: Legend. Tomb Raider Webseite mit sehr detaillierten Walkthroughs zu allen Tomb Raider Spielen. Des weiteren gibt es hier Neuigkeiten, alles über die Comics und. Tomb Raider: Legend (PlayStation 2) - Versteckte Schätze | Am Wasserfall | Im Inneren des Tempels.

Antes de entrar al templo, salta al agua y toma la recompensa de plata debajo del mecanismo. Luego sal del agua y entra al templo.

Sigue el pasaje y baja por las escaleras. Si caes al agua, sal de ella. Sube por las escaleras y saca tus armas. Repite el salto mortal si es necesario para pasar por la puerta.

Cuando hayas terminado, coge los objetos que dejaron: paquetes de salud, granadas y armas. Coge la recompensa de bronce y ve a la izquierda.

Usa el arma grande que estaba usando uno de los guardias anteriores para dispararle al pilar de la izquierda, entre la rueda y la soga. Necesitas coger uno de los postes de la rueda.

Puedes usar la soga cercana y coger el poste, pero si no puedes hacer eso, puedes hacerlo desde tierra.

Salta para agarrarte al segundo poste y finalmente salta para agarrarte de la escalera de mano. Ve hasta arriba.

Da la vuelta y ve hacia el otro lado. Sube por la segunda escalera de mano y salta para agarrarte a la rajadura de la izquierda.

Salta para agarrarte de las barras de arriba. Sube hasta arriba y sigue adelante, sin ir abajo. Luego, baja. Gira para ver el camino de donde has venido y ve bien a la izquierda.

Sube hasta arriba y sigue adelante. Ve a la derecha y salta hacia el agua. Hazlo, salta a las escaleras de piedra rotas y toma la recompensa de plata.

Luego salta al agua otra vez. Necesitas ir a la saliente de la izquierda, pero no puedes alcanzarla desde el agua. Salta sobre ella. Sube por la escalera de mano.

De nuevo, hay dos cajas colgando que cambian de altura cuando Lara se pone sobre ellas. Salta sobre la primera caja y cuando veas a la segunda alcanzando el mismo nivel, salta sobre ella.

Salta para agarrarte a la rajadura del pilar y ve por alrededor de la esquina. Salta sobre la saliente y luego salta a la plataforma con la estatua.

Ten eso en mente. Sal de encima, permite que la saliente rote parcialmente y salta. Tira de la estatua antes de que la esposa se cierre.

Salta al agua debajo y trepa al pasaje de donde has venido. Baja por las rejas y usa las rajaduras en la pared como antes para alcanzar la escalera de mano.

Trepa hasta la parte inferior y ve hacia la otra escalera de mano. Baja por ella y espera a que se te acerque uno de los postes de la rueda giratoria.

Hay tres grupos de ellos y el procedimiento es el mismo. Usa el bloque de piedra movible de la izquierda para salir. Sigue el pasaje para encontrarte con la misma trampa.

Ride the wheel around and jump to grab the dangling rope. Then swing over to the ledge. If Lara falls, just stand beneath the waterwheel, jump to grab one of the spikes and try again.

Run or roll through just as the spears begin to retract. If you start at the spot where the autosave places Lara and roll forward once, she stops just before the next set of spears.

Repeat the process for each set of spears, running or rolling through at the center just as the spears retract. It may help to tilt the camera a bit so you're looking down on the spears from behind Lara.

Then when the ones behind her close, you can still see clearly. NOTE: This entire area, from the spears to the exit, is detailed in both screenshots and a video walkthrough.

The next trap involves a set of spinning blades. The exchange between Zip and Lara hints at a strategy. To get through safely, move the carved stone block away from the wall and then push it ahead of Lara through the blades.

This can be done either by pushing the block straight down the center of the passageway or along one wall. The first method can be a little tricky.

If the block is off center, the blades can knock it sideways and slice into Lara. Pushing the block along one wall is more reliable as long as you stop as soon as both blades on that side are embedded in the block.

Then climb on top of the block and jump over the blades on the other side. Or, carefully run around the block once the blades on the other wall have moved off.

NOTE: If you're daring, or in a hurry, as in Time Trial mode, try waiting until the blades move apart and then roll under the high set and jump over the low set.

It requires more precise timing but saves precious seconds. Follow the hall to another spinning blade trap. Since you can't get the first carved block up the stairs, you'll need to find another.

Turn away from the trap and scan the wall ahead. There's another dark brown movable block recessed into the wall. Pull it out and use it to get through the blade trap as you did the previous one.

Here pushing the block along the left wall seems to work best. Again, the screenshots show details. Just before the next spear trap, a cut scene interrupts.

Lara feels a rumbling as a huge boulder rolls toward her from behind. When the cut scene ends, you must react immediately.

Hold the Forward key continuously or press forward on the left stick to run straight ahead. Do not try to steer left or right.

Just roll under the first set of spears and continue running straight forward. Then roll under the second set of spears.

Keep running straight ahead, jump to clear the spike pit , and run on into the doorway ahead. If you go too slowly, get stuck on the spears, or fall into the pit, Lara dies.

Once you reach the doorway, another brief cut scene shows how she escapes. Once again, refer to the screenshots and video if you need them.

In case it doesn't work for you, see the footnote below for alternate methods. If you're playing the PC or PSP game and want to skip this sequence, you can download a savegame file for a later checkpoint.

That page includes links to save files and instructions for using them. To the left is a ladder. Lara can scale the Andes, but apparently she can't scramble over some broken pillars, so climb back up the ladder.

Or, after you've obtained it re-enter the trapped hallway. Don't worry; there's no boulder this time. If Lara falls into the water or if you missed any of the first 3 rewards in the pool , you can retrieve them now and climb back up.

See the beginning of the walkthrough for the locations of the rewards. Then face the ruins and swim to the small ledge at water level between the drawbridge and the right end of the pool.

Climb the ledges and jump back over to the building. When you first visited this area, a big rock blocked this path, but the rolling boulder dislodged it.

Here's a screenshot showing where to climb. For additional details, see the page about the second shortcut at the start of the level.

Swing around and jump to grab a handhold on the square column ahead. Climb around the corner to the left and jump straight up to grab the handhold above.

Climb to the left around the next corner. Lean back left and jump across the gap to grab a handhold on the next square column.

There's a loose boulder directly overhead, but it won't fall until Lara grabs the handhold above.

So climb just a little to the left if necessary and jump straight up to grab that ledge. Then immediately jump back to grab the horizontal pole before the boulder falls and crushes Lara.

Once Lara is hanging from the pole, she's safe. Swing and jump to grab the next horizontal pole. Swing, jump and grab the ledge beyond.

Then climb onto the ledge above. Here, Lara loses radio contact with the guys. Jump onto it and ride it down to a lower level. When it stops, jump from the platform to grab the ledge ahead; pull up.

Run across the ledge and jump to grab the next suspended platform. Pull up to stand on it. Again, Lara gets no signal from her headset.

Turn around to face the building. Scanning this area with the binoculars in RAD mode reveals a few unstable spots, but Lara can get past them.

First, jump from where the uneven ledge juts out to grab the nearest horizontal pole. Swing around it and jump to grab the rough stone projection beyond.

Traverse to the left so Lara is clinging to the face of the building. Rubble falling from above signals danger, but the loose boulder won't start to fall until Lara grabs the handhold above.

Make sure she is positioned below the right end of that handhold, jump up to grab it, then immediately jump to the right to grab the next horizontal pole before the boulder falls.

Swing around the pole and jump to grab the next higher pole. Turn back to face the third pole in this group. Swing and jump to grab it.

Then swing around and jump to grab a narrow ledge on the square column ahead. Another boulder falls from above , so quickly climb around the corner to the left to get out of the way.

Or jump back to the pole. Then, when the boulder falls, swing back to the handhold and climb around to the left.

Jump up to grab a higher handhold. Climb around the next corner and then jump back to land on the wide ledge. Enter the ruins again here.

In a short cut scene "Dearest Amelia" , Lara picks up a shiny object from the floor, which turns out to be a brooch given to her mother by her father.

She still can't raise Zip over the radio, so she presses on. Turn on the PLS and head down the dark stairs.

Use the magnetic grapple to swing across the 2 spike pits. Approach the next corner cautiously. Two mercenaries guard a wooden bridge spanning a deep pit.

A metal box on the left before the bridge provides some cover. If you don't need the health or ammo they may drop, you can kill these two with minimal fuss: Sneak up to the metal box and peer out toward the bridge.

Draw pistols and use manual aim to target the large rectangular block on the ceiling above the bridge shown in this screenshot.

A few shots will drop the block onto the bridge, sending the mercenaries into the pit. When you kill the first two men, a third solider appears on the other side of the bridge.

Take him out and then grapple-swing across the pit. Thanks to both Gary and Roger B. Alternatively, if you're low on supplies, shoot the soldiers so their bodies don't fall into the pit.

Then cross over and pick up any dropped items health packs , rifle ammo , grenades. Continue to the next room. To reach it, swing across the horizontal poles to the square pillar in the corner.

Climb to the left and jump past the gushing water to grab another handhold. Then drop onto the ledge. Stay up on this little step, out of harm's way, and use a grenade to blow open the door.

Get the reward and return to the handhold above the small step. Climb to the right and jump past the cascade to the corner pillar.

Climb up the corner pillar: first straight up, then around the corner to the left, then straight up twice, then around the corner to the right, then up once more.

When you've climbed as high as you can, jump back to grab the horizontal pole. Swing and jump to the next pole. Finally, swing and jump to the ledge with the fuel barrels.

NOTE: You may want to save the game here. The next fight can be a bit tricky, and this is the last chance to stock up on ammo and health before the upcoming fight with James Rutland.

If you save before taking on the mercenaries and it doesn't go the way you want it to, you can reload and try again.

Watch the men below and when one of them walks out onto the bridge, kick one of the barrels into the stream Interact.

It will go over the falls and explode, destroying the bridge and killing the man. If you're not proficient with rope swinging, skip the business with the barrel so the wooden bridge will remain intact.

Cross the metal bridge, taking care not to fall in. If that happens, Lara will be swept over the falls and killed. Run forward toward the far wall i.

There's a small staircase leading down to the ledge below. Move down just as far as the landing. Turn right to face the front of the room.

Then you can strafe out to the left to shoot the 2 soldiers waiting here and move back to the right when you need to reload.

If you don't destroy the bridge, the third man here usually crosses the bridge to the other side, but look out for him just in case.

Move forward along the ledge but stay to the right, next to the stairs and out of view of all but one of the men on the far ledge. As soon as you can get a lock on the man ahead on the left, shoot him.

Now there should be 3 or 4 mercenaries remaining, depending on whether you killed that first man by destroying the bridge.

Move forward until you can target the man in the white shirt. Take him out quickly, since he's carrying a grenade launcher.

This is especially important if you haven't already destroyed the bridge. Do not step out onto the bridge until he's dead, since he can blow it out from under Lara.

You may want to take cover in the corner behind the metal boxes on the left. They don't offer complete protection, but they seem to help a little.

Once the grenade launcher guy is dead, move out and deal with the last 2 or 3 mercenaries.

Cross the wooden bridge. Or, if the bridge has been destroyed, use the 3 dangling ropes to swing across. Then turn left and cross the metal bridge to the exit door, picking rifle ammo , health packs and grenades as you go.

NOTE: When crossing the wooden bridge, do not step on the seam where the bridge meets the far ledge.

If you do, Lara may get stuck between the textures. Then you'll have to quit the game and reload. If Lara dies in the next room and the game reloads, all of the items the mercenaries dropped will have disappeared.

Also, before moving on, make sure you have silver reward 4. If you missed it before, you can still get it now. See the footnote at the end of the walkthrough for details.

A leopard lurks in the shadows, but you can kill it with pistols if you back out while shooting. It won't follow Lara into the waterfall room.

If it doesn't die right away, move in again to target it and back out shooting. Once it's dead, re-enter the room. You'll have to find another way to open them.

This sequence is shown in a set of screenshots as well as a gameplay video. Grab the bottom of the broken stairs on the left and pull up.

Run up the stairs to the broken area to trigger a rolling boulder from above. Then run off the stairs to the right to avoid being flattened.

To save time, try to jump and grab the dangling rope in the process. If you can't catch the rope, don't worry.

Just drop to the floor and wait for a second boulder to pass before climbing back up. Then jump from the staircase to the rope.

Adjust Lara's position on the rope and swing over to the right staircase. Run up the stairs just a short way to trigger a third boulder. As soon as you hear the rumbling or see the screen start to shake, either run down the stairs into the small alcove, or keep running up the stairs and duck into the alcove ahead on the right.

You could also jump back to the rope, or just run off the edge near the rope. Once the boulder passes, continue up the flight of stairs on the right.

Stand on the pressure pad to open the door ahead, but don't go through yet. This same pad also opens the big doors below.

Stand on the pad until the door in front of you has opened fully. Then you'll know the ones down below are also open.

Both doors start to close as soon as Lara steps off the pad. So run down either set of stairs, hop down to the floor below the rope, and run through the big doors before they close.

Upon entering the final room of the level, a cut scene "The Ghalali Key" shows Lara confronting Rutland. He tells her about the key used to reassemble the sword.

He also says that Amanda's believes Lara's father found this key. But before Lara can get more information out of him, he starts showing off his fragment's special powers.

James Rutland is not only tough and fast; he also has the ability to heal himself during battle, using the four ledges around the edge of the room.

He slashes with his sword fragment in close combat, injuring Lara and knocking her off balance, and he throws grenades from a distance.

The grenade strategy is shown in a series of screenshots and in this gameplay video. Thanks to Treeble, who I believe discovered it, and Robert, who first brought it to my attention.

If you are unable to defeat Rutland using the grenade method, or if you just want to test your skills, try the traditional strategy , which seems to be what the designers intended.

The traditional strategy is shown in a set of screenshots and the Rutland video. You can also find some additional movement and combat tips in a footnote below.

Thanks to Alf for this strategy. It's shown in these screenshots and is the last segment of the Rutland video. Or, if you'd like to try beating Rutland yourself but don't have enough health or ammo, my PC save files for Ghana include separate saves for the start of the fight with full health and ammo—one with the rifle and one with the grenade launcher.

When Rutland is near death, a cut scene "Two Shards" interrupts. As he kneels injured on the floor, Lara checks the fit between his fragment and the one she recovered from Takamoto.

She deduces that the sword was designed to come apart and be reassembled using the Ghalali key. Before Lara leaves him to ponder a future without her in it, Rutland informs her that Amanda, believing Richard Croft did find the key, is now searching Croft Manor to find it.

A second cinematic "Hasty Departure" shows Lara racing away from the ruins on her motorcycle.

At last she's able to contact her friends, who tell her Amanda has come and gone. The trail now leads to Kazakhstan, where Soviet scientists had apparently been studying another piece of the sword.

Changed "jaguars" to "leopards" whoops! I had listed 11 as two separate checkpoints—one after using the mechanism and another down at the grating—but in fact this is the same checkpoint.

The game saves at the mechanism and reloads at the grating. When making the last set of changes, I inadvertently left out checkpoint Thanks to Jordi for pointing that out.

Revised strategy in a few areas e. Also added checkpoint 12, which I had previously overlooked, resulting in the renumbering of the other checkpoints.

Thanks to Iain for pointing that out. Also added the alternate path to silver reward 4, which is based on witteriedmf's idea of using the dangling rope to swing down to the ledge.

My method involves less health loss. I'm grateful to Alf, Jeff S. Thanks also and to bobly, boscobuddy, Brad N. Several people sent in the same ideas but I like to credit all contributors if possible.

For a complete list of these bonuses and how to get them, see the Legends Rewards page. I've included it here in case the simpler technique above doesn't work for you.

The camera doesn't respond to mouse control here so, if you're playing on the PC, take your hand off the mouse and use only the direction keys to steer Lara.

You may want to use two hands on the keyboard—the right hand to move Lara using the Up, Left, and Right arrow keys and the left hand to roll and jump.

This is a lot easier using a controller with analog sticks. As soon as the cut scene ends, run forward and a little to the right.

Then jump to clear the first set of spears. Run forward, veering a little to the left. Run straight ahead and jump to clear the spike pit.

Thanks to Boscobuddy and Germano for these tips.

Daran festhalten und abseilen. Samstag, 4. Weiter geht es geradeaus in die Katakomben. Kommentare können ohne Einwilligung zu Link nicht angezeigt werden. Kapitel 5: King Arthur Review — Projekt Carbonek 6. Stimmt für TRG. Mit dem Magnethaken schwingen Sie just click for source auf die andere Seite und hangeln sich an der Wand entlang bis ganz nach hinten. Tomb Raider Legend Ghana

Tomb Raider Legend Ghana Video

Tomb Raider Legend Ghana - Tomb Raider: Legend

Tomb Raider II 2b. Total nervig: 16 Probleme, die nur Gamer verstehen. Hier werden wir aufgeklärt über den Mechanismus des Wasserfalls oder Wasserrads, wofür immer man sich entscheiden möchte Der Silber-Schatz ist jetzt erreichbar. Die Chronik. Schwingen Sie source über den Stab an den Mauervorsprung. Danach ist der Weg nach oben frei. Hier werden wir aufgeklärt über den Mechanismus des Wasserfalls oder Wasserrads, wofür immer man sich entscheiden möchte Also auf zu den aktivierten Rästelfallen für die Geschicklichkeitsaufgaben, Teil 2, vor dem finalen für diesen Level Treffen mit Rutland. The Golden Mask 3. Auf einem hohen Vorsprung erscheint Rutland. Springt hinein und ihr solltet wieder dort sein, wo ihr die Raubkatze getötet habt. Danach findet Lara ein Amulett ihres Vaters für ihre Mutter. Zur Mobile-Seite Schliessen. Steigen Sie die zweite Leiter hinauf, um sich an der Wand nach links link hangeln und eine weitere Leiter zu erklimmen.

Tomb Raider Legend Ghana Westafrika - Ghana - Jagd auf James Rutland

Kehrt um und springt zum nächsten Seil. See more darf die "Dame mit dem A Dort könnt ihr den Silber Reward 1 link. Schieben Sie danach die Kiste vor sich her, um nicht von den Messern verletzt zu werden. Von hier springst Du auf den ersten schwebenden Steinblock und im Weiterlaufen, während dieser sich senkt durch Laras Gewicht source damit den zweiten Steinblock anhebt, von hier aus auf den zweiten Steinblock, den Du sich wiederum nicht zu tief absenken lassen darfst, damit Du noch an die gegenüberliegende Leiter im Fels springen kannst. Achtung, gegenüber steht oben ein Geschütz, vermeidet es von diesem unter Beschuss genommen zu werden. Kapitel 2: Peru — Rückkehr nach Paraiso 3. Nun hüpfen Sie zurück, um sich Alle Spiele Spielen den ersten Auslöser zu stellen. Dahinter findet ihr den Gold Reward. Warten Sie, bis sich die Steinplatte gedreht hat, und springen Sie dann schnellstmöglich zur Statue in der Mitte, um mit dem Magnethaken den Auslöser herauszuziehen. Links ist eine inaktive Falle. Anmelden Change Language. Zip ist begeistert. Alle Tipps anzeigen. Dazu erklimmen wir rechts die Hänge und springen zum Seil in der Mitte, können uns so auf die zentralste Position gleiten lassen, von wir den magic-grapple einsetzen, vor dem Read article weit genug nach rückwärts gehend, um mit "E" das Tor des Tempels click at this page öffnen. Springt über den Speer. Lara kommt an eine Schlucht mit einem Wasserfall. Danach müsst ihr euch auf Bremen Casino Druckplattform stellen, bis das Gatter auf der anderen Seite des Ganges ganz oben steht. Tomb Raider Legend Ghana Lara just click for source scale the Andes, but apparently she can't scramble over some broken pillars, so climb back up the ladder. Jump straight up to grab the next crevice. There are various fuel barrels that can be exploded by pressing Interact when the environmental hazard icon appears to kill or damage nearby enemies. Tomb Raider: Legend. Now face the center ledge and stand on the first pressure pad .

Tomb Raider Legend Ghana Inhalt: Tomb Raider – Legend

Springen Sie nun ins Wasser. Danach die Treppe hinauf und den Bösewicht unschädlich machen. Du wurdest von unserer Mobile-Seite hierher weitergeleitet. Alternativ könnt ihr auch das Seil loslassen und das Tor mit dem Magnethaken herunter ziehen. Von dort aus springt ihr von der Steinsäule weg und ihr solltet an der Wand hängen. Nun sieh einmal alles auf dem Bild ersichtlichvon hier hinter die Statuenplattform auf der sozusagen davon rechten anderen Seite ein zweites solches Podest, Xmethodebtcx diesmal nach dem ersten Bodenschalter mit einer Kiste darauf. Ist die Just click for source heruntergefallen, so springen Sie bis ganz nach hinten und ziehen die zweite Kiste auf die dortige Plattform.

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